Expert says potholes lead to physical and mental stress in people during monsoons - Wockhardt

Expert says potholes lead to physical and mental stress in people during monsoons

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Expert says potholes lead to physical and mental stress in people during monsoons

Dr Behram Pardiwala, Internal medicine expert, from the Wockhardt hospitals in Mumbai Central talks about this problem.

Monsoon is the time when you become prone to many upsetting diseases. If you aren’t careful enough then you might have to suffer for long. This is the time when the germs and infections will attack you more and you tend to feel sick in the gut. Add to it the problems of potholes that most city dwellers have to put up with during their long commutes lead to mental and physical problems. This is how you can save yourself from common monsoon diseases.

Monsoons make everyone weary and cautious too. This is the time when the parents stay aware and do things in order to prevent the wards from suffering from the various illnesses. Still, you tend to suffer from some of the common ailments in monsoons. The list includes dengue, flu, cold, water infection, food infection, Leptospirosis and cholera. Wockhardt Hospitals Mumbai Central have already seen 6 cases of dengue after the first spell of monsoon in South Mumbai.

Dr Behram Pardiwala, Internal medicine expert, from Wockhardt hospitals Mumbai Central says, ‘Senior citizens and middle-aged people are the ones who complain most of the back problems like stiffness, degeneration, etc due to pothole-ridden roads. Generally, July and August are the months when I notice a rise in back pain-related complaints. Often, if the pain is bearable, people take some painkillers at home and do not come to us. But when they don’t, the condition turns to be acute which calls for a proper treatment.

‘Well, the problem with potholes on our roads is that they cause significant jarring of the back when cars or bikes or auto rickshaws go through them. With a large number of the population using autos for transport, we are seeing an increase in the number of patients who come in with back and neck problems. People in Mumbai suffering from back pain has increased in the last five years; potholes are a leading cause for this,’ he adds. Here are tips to fight the most common monsoon illnesses.

Potholes and haphazardly placed speed breakers of all shapes and sizes on city streets have become a health hazard for two-wheeler riders. From cuts and bruises, wounds and a visit to the emergency room to serious and chronic back and neck-related complications, potholes have become an imminent threat for those on the road.

‘Rain ends up creating a lot of potholes, especially in interior parts of the city. Every third patient I see is a victim of the deadly potholes of the city. Besides the external cuts and injuries, bumps and jerks when riding over potholes can cause serious back and neck pain, especially among the elderly who may develop compression fractures in the spine. Drivers should exercise caution when riding on slippery roads or potholed stretches,’ says Dr Pardiwala

Roads which are under construction are typically broken in many places. Bumpy and broken stretches should not be allowed for public use. Sudden jerks over bumps can cause backaches, slip-disc and even knee related pains.

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