Say goodbye to the winter blues with these simple health tips - Wockhardt

Say goodbye to the winter blues with these simple health tips

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Winter Depression Tips

It is important to stay healthy and fit during the cozy winter season

The winter season is pleasing and exciting. But, the change in season can also be bothersome for some. Hence, it is advised to stick to a proper exercise and diet routine to stay in top shape in the chilly season, recommends Dr. Jinendra Jain, consultant physician, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road.

Below, he shares some simple tips to stay healthy and beat the winter blues.

Get enough vitamin D

Yes, winter is all about cozying up at home but you shouldn’t miss the sunshine vitamin. You must just go out in the morning and try to soak up in the sun for at least 20 minutes. This will help you to keep your bones and muscles healthy. Moreover, that daily dose of vitamin D will allow you to perk-up your mood and stay active.

Dress appropriately

This is one of the most vital things that you must keep in mind. Wear woolen clothes when you venture out of the house. See to it that you wear full-sleeved clothes.

Stay physically fit

You will have to exercise at least 150 minutes every week. One can opt for yoga, aerobics, or dance at home. Exercising regularly can help keep your blood pressure levels under control and also boost your immune system.

Manage those skin woes

Winter can be harsh on your skin and make it dry and itchy. To top it all, the problem of chapped lips can also snatch away peace of your mind. Thus, it is essential to drink a lot of water and moisturize your skin from time-to-time. You will have to maintain good hygiene and wash your hands regularly.

Follow a well-balanced diet

Eat foods jam-packed with vitamin C as it will boost immunity. Try to include oranges in the diet. See to it that you eat fresh fruits and vegetables with all the essential nutrients. Opt for walnuts, foods with omega-3 fatty acids, and green leafy vegetables. Foods with omega-3 also contain antioxidants and even help enhance immunity. Ditch those pizzas, pasta, and even pastries.

Sleep well

In order to build strong immunity, one will have to get a good night’s sleep. Minimum eight hours of sleep can help you manage your stress and even burn those calories.

Schedule check-ups and follow-ups

Health issues like asthma, cold, flu, painful joints, cough, and even sore throat are persistent during winter.  Thus, you will have to stay in touch with your doctor and get to know about your health condition. Do not ignore your health, says Dr. Jain.


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