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Best Paediatricians in Mumbai for Child Treatment

We at Wockhardt Hospitals in Mumbai serving patients for Child treatment, which includes Bronchitis, Bronchiolitis, Sore Throat, Urinary Tract Infection, and Skin Infection.

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Best Paediatricians in Mumbai ( Doctors Available )


Dr. Fazal Nabi.S

Speciality: Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement, Paediatric

Location: South Mumbai - Mumbai Central

FAQs On Paediatricians In Mumbai

Q1. What is paediatrics?

The area of medicine known as paediatrics is dedicated to the treatment of newborns, kids, and teenagers. Pediatricians monitor growth and development, diagnose, treat, and prevent a wide variety of children’s diseases, and offer advice on behaviour, diet, and general well-being.

Q2. When should your child visit a pediatrician?

From birth through adolescence, you should take your child to the pediatrician on a regular schedule for normal check-ups, vaccines, and developmental evaluations. Additionally, if your child exhibits signs of disease or injury, has developmental delays, or if you are concerned about their general health, behaviour, or growth, you should make an appointment with the top pediatrician in Mumbai.

Q3. What function does a pediatrician perform at Wockhardt Hospitals?

Our group of best pediatricians in Mumbai are medical professionals who deal with and treat children’s physical, behavioural, and mental health problems from birth to the age of eighteen. Our highly skilled professionals at Wockhardt are equipped to precisely identify and treat a wide range of ailments related to children’s health, from mild to significant health issues. Our pediatricians provide complete medical care, which includes medical visits, immunisations, disease treatment, developmental evaluations, and advice on healthy eating & growing.

Q4. Are children with chronic diseases receiving specialist treatment at Wockhardt Hospitals?

Wockhardt Hospitals provides specialist treatment for kids with chronic medical conditions, including developmental problems, diabetes, asthma, and allergies. Our team of good pediatrician in Mumbai works in conjunction with other medical professionals to create comprehensive and customised treatment programs tailored to each child’s specific requirements.

Q5. What can I anticipate from my child’s initial appointment with a pediatrician at Wockhardt Hospitals?

At Wockhardt Hospitals, you can anticipate a comprehensive health assessment for your child at their first visit, which will include taking their height, weight, and head circumference. In addition, the pediatrician in Mumbai will go over your child’s developmental milestones, medical history, and any worries you may have. If necessary, they will offer advice and comfort.

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