Life wins of National Level boxer at Wockhardt Hospitals

Doctor: Mohit Kukreja

A 28-year-old National Level boxer named Ms. Meghna Kate was admitted to Wockhardt Hospitals with severe pain and stiffness in the left wrist after she punched the wall in a fit of anger 3 months ago. The MRI revealed a locked volar dislocation of the ulna at the distal radio-ulnar joint. For 3 months patient managed the pain through painkillers, physiotherapy, and plaster at a local hospital. During this period the patient was unable to carry out her daily activities like opening the door, washing clothes, and face, utensils, and cooking. Being a mother, she was unable to take care of her child and his day-to-day activities. The patient had visited several hospitals before coming to Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central. 

Speaking to Dr. Mohit Kukreja, Consultant Orthopedic surgeon, Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy Specialist, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central said, ‘Mrs. Kate, a professional boxer came to me with a rare wrist injury. She had a locked dislocation of her left wrist which was 3 months old with complete rotational restriction of the left wrist and significant pain. We discussed the need to address this at the earliest and decided to move forward with the surgery. With a minimally invasive approach, we did an osteotomy close to the damaged joint new joint and she was able to achieve a complete wrist range of motion on Day 1 postoperatively. Now, our goal for her is to do exercises, followed by strengthening, and then hopefully, return to boxing in 4-6 months. 

On the same, Dr. Prashant Kamble, Hand and Wrist surgeon, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central said, “It was a procedure where the dislocated part is kept stable with ligaments and osteotomy (a small portion of bone is cut) was done. Post-surgery immediately after 8 hours, she was able to make movements of her wrist and forearm, which were locked for 3 months.  Currently, the patient is undergoing physiotherapy and progressing well”. 

Ms. Meghana Kate said, “I was extremely worried thinking, being a boxer, I couldn’t move my wrist at all. I was not even able to do my normal activities. Even my 2.5-year-old baby was dependent on me, and I couldn’t even do his daily chores due to injury. For three months we kept switching to several doctors but there was no positive outcome or relief of the pain. One of our relatives gave us the reference of Dr. Mohit Kukreja after meeting him things were cleared about the injury and we decided to opt for the surgery. On the day of the surgery itself, I was able to move my wrist and 90% of my pain was gone. I am looking forward to getting completely recovered soon and getting back to boxing”.

Dr. Mohit Kukreja
Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, Sport Medicine & Arthroscopy Specialist
Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central

Dr. Prashant Kamble
Hand and Wrist Surgeon
Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central

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