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Our health and well-being are significantly impacted by hectic lifestyles, erratic work schedules, irregular mealtimes, and the inability to carve out adequate time for exercise. Increased workloads and stress levels can have an adverse effect on everyone’s health, but especially on women’s health because they often experience higher amounts of stress. Because of the physical structure of their bodies, women may be more prone to certain illnesses.

Guidelines for Executive Health Package for Female in Mumbai

You must adhere to specific guidelines and measures before going for your executive health checkup package for females in order to guarantee that the tests you have done will produce correct findings.

Prior Appointment is Mandatory

No medication, alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco or any liquid (except water) in the morning. He/she should be fasting for 10-12 Hours before the Check-up.

Please bring your medical prescriptions and medical records

Inform wellness reception, if you have a history of diabetes or cardiac problems

Pregnant women or those who suspect a pregnancy are advised not to undergo X-Ray tests

Please wear two-piece comfortable clothes and sandals, as far as possible

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How Does Executive Health
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In today's busy world, you don't want to wait in line for hours at the hospital or diagnostic lab to have your female executive checkup package in Mumbai. We thus provide a whole body executive health checkup package for female programs that are simple to book and deliver your reports or test results to your home.

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Everyone in the age of 30 to 60 should, on average, undergo a routine checkup every year if they are in generally excellent condition. Senior citizen women should have routine health examinations at least once each year, so they should definitely book an executive health checkup package for women.

Here are the most important signs to know that you are in good health:
  • Your menstrual cycle is regular if you are of reproductive age.
  • Your menstruation is not too painful.
  • Your bowel motions are regular.
  • Your injuries heal easily.
  • You always have a good sleep.
  • You can maintain a healthy weight.

According to the World Nutrition Report 2017, 51% of Indian females between the ages of 15 and 49 are anaemic. A regular CBC test is crucial to ensuring a healthy blood corpuscle ratio and preventing the development of anaemia.

Depending on your healthcare practitioner, an executive package female checkup could comprise a variety of lab tests and procedures to acquire a comprehensive picture of your physical health.
  • Checking the vital signs
  • Complete blood count
  • Cardiac Tests
  • Hepatitis test
  • Pulmonary work-up
  • Lipid profile test (cholesterol check)
  • Tests for thyroid function
  • Risk assessment for certain conditions, such as diabetes.
The Indian government understands the value of preventive health and has provided a tax deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act for any costs associated with preventive health initiatives. According to Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961, if you are 60 years of age or older, you are qualified to get a tax deduction of Rs. 7,000. You are also eligible for some reimbursement for the price of preventative medical checkups as per some government schemes.
Women can benefit from an executive package female in the following ways:
  • In India, the majority of people receive medical treatment; hence all diagnostic procedures are carried out on unwell patients. Executive checkup packages are offered for wellness rather than illness.
  • Tests will be carried out at a top-notch, cutting-edge laboratory with free home sample collection and online results. Also, there are fantastic deals available.


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