A BMC nurse gifted herself a healthy life by having diabetes surgery on her 50th birthday - Wockhardt

A BMC nurse gifted herself a healthy life by having diabetes surgery on her 50th birthday

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For the past 2–3 years, Ms. VK’s diabetes has been uncontrolled even though she was on regular medications including insulin. A 50-year-old BMC nurse was struggling to manage her sugar and diet. During the last week of December 2022, Ms. VK decided to undergo diabetes surgery at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central.

Dr. Ramen Goel, Director, of Diabetes and Bariatric Surgery at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central, said, “Ms. Veena came to Wockhardt Hospital with a history of uncontrolled diabetes. She is a healthcare worker& was taking five diabetes medicines, including insulin, even then her pre-surgery fasting sugars were around 240, post-meal sugars were more than 400 and her 3-month HbA1c was 15. She approached us for diabetes surgery as she was desperate to control her diabetes and lead a healthy life. She met all criteria for surgical intervention and was operated on in the last week of December. Post-surgery, she went off insulin on the 3rd day and her blood sugar now varies between 100-200 with just 1-2 tablets daily. The surgery indeed plays a crucial role in controlling the sugar levels in suitable patients.”

He further added, “According to the published data, after surgery, over 80% of diabetes patients have good sugar control and do not require medicines. And even after 10 years, 36% of these patients continue to maintain their blood sugar levels without medicines. This surgery has shown significant reduction in diabetes complications like brain strokes, kidney failure, eye problems, heart attacks, etc.”

Ms. V K said, “In January 2023, it was my 50th birthday. I wanted to lead a healthy life after 50; hence, I decided to undergo the surgery. After the surgery, I stopped the insulin completely. A few days later my sugar levels are already much better. I am on just 1-2 diabetes tablets. It’s now 40-45 days post-surgery but I have full confidence that in the next few months, my diabetes will go away completely. Within such a short time, I already feel fit, and fresh and can climb stairs without breathing difficulty. I am very grateful to Wockhardt Hospital and Dr. Goel for giving me new lease of life.”

Diabetes(metabolic) surgery, a minimally invasive procedure stimulates a gut hormone release, which in turn reduces insulin resistance. This restores the function of the body’s own insulin thus maintaining blood sugar levels after eating.  After diabetes surgery, the effect on the blood sugar is seen within days and now is considered an effective diabetes therapy. International Diabetes Federation(IDF), American Diabetes Association(ADA), and most surgical associations(IFSO, ASMBS, OSSI, etc) have recommended the surgery in over 27.5 BMI Asian patients with uncontrolled diabetes.

‘Surgery not only helps control blood sugar, reduce/stop diabetes medicines, reduce related complications but has been shown to increase lifespan by 5 to 9 years,’ said Dr. Goel.

Dr. Ramen Goel
Consultant Diabetes and Bariatric Surgery
Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central

To book an appointment call: +918108101104

Source: https://mtinews.in/a-bmc-nurse-gifted-herself-a-healthy-life-by-having-diabetes-surgery-on-her-50th-birthday/

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