A rare large tumor on the back of a 58-year-old man removed after complex surgery in Nagpur - Wockhardt Hospitals

A rare large tumor on the back of a 58-year-old man removed after complex surgery in Nagpur

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tumor on back

A 58-year-old man has been relieved of a large cancerous tumor on his back following a procedure conducted at a private hospital in the city recently.

The tumor, known as ‘myxofibrosarcoma or MFS’, is a very rare soft tissue tumor and tends to form in the hands and feet. But this man also had it backward. It was 18cmx15cm big, but not painful. The man was feeling very uncomfortable due to the weight of the protruding part of his body and due to this he approached the doctors.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Rahul Zamad, who operated on this tumor at Wockhardt Hospitals, said, “Myxofibrosarcoma is already a rare soft tissue tumor and it is even rare for it to occur in this part of the body. Soft-tissue sarcomas are uncommon tumors, and are traditionally managed by wide excisional surgery and radiotherapy.”

MFS is one of many types of cancer that begins in the connective tissues that support and surround the organs, bones, and muscles.

Dr. Rahul Zamad has also said that the patient had previously been operated on in another hospital but the tumor could not be removed completely and “the report was not clear about the type of tumor”.

MFS is classified as low- to high-grade tumors

“When he arrived at our hospital, he had complete restriction of all lower body movements and no urinary symptoms. MRI showed a large tumor, which was firmly attached to the muscles below.” Dr. Rahul Zamad said.

Similar tumors can also cause abnormalities, such as neoplasms, infection, trauma, or congenital or immune myopathy.

In the first two days, the chief physician, Dr. Swarup Verma, controlled the active systemic infection of the patient. Then later, Dr. Zamad has to do a full resection of the tumor.

“We call this R-zero resection in medical terms. This microscopically indicates a margin-negative resection, in which no gross or microscopic tumor remains in the primary tumor bed. Now, the patient is under radiotherapy,” They said.

MFS is also classified as low- to high-grade tumors, and they have a recurrence rate of up to about 50%.

Dr. Rahul Zamad
Consultant Neurosurgeon
Wockhardt Hospitals, Nagpur

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Source: https://nagpuroranges.com/rare-large-tumor-on-back-of-58-year-old-man-removed-after-complex-surgery-in-nagpur/

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