"Bariatric surgery" is an effective way to cure diabetes. - Dr. Sandeep Sabnis - Wockhardt

“Bariatric surgery” is an effective way to cure diabetes. – Dr. Sandeep Sabnis

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Our country has the highest rate of diabetes among obese people. Obesity is also linked to an increase in metabolic diseases. Obesity itself is scientifically a disease and it affects one’s life in many adverse ways. Obesity can lead to heart attack, brain stroke, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, arthritis, liver disease, and spinal disorders along with diabetes. Obesity is the burden of extra weight on the body! We must first realize that this weight affects various organs in our body and their function.

When the ratio of body weight to height (BMI) goes beyond ‘30 kg / m2 ’, this weight creates an extra load for the body with serious side effects. These include pressure on the heart, pressure on the joints and spinal cord, and extra stress on the heart, kidneys, and lungs. At the same time, you should keep in mind that obesity creates hormone imbalance too, further reducing the body’s capacity to digest sugar and increasing the intensity of diabetes, such patients later need insulin doses.

One of the positive aspects of all these ailments is that as we lose weight, all these ailments can be cured and we can balance the metabolism once again. Now the question arises how to reduce obesity? Many methods and options for weight loss are available everywhere, most methods are unscientific and have adverse effects on the body. With diet planning and exercises if this extra weight is not shredded then “bariatric surgery” is the last option you have to lose this weight and there is a need to spread awareness in the society about it.

What is bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery was started about 70 years ago. Initially, the surgery was performed to reduce the extra weight in obese people. However, later it also showed that diabetes was controlled in most patients with this surgery. A number of studies and research conducted in this regard since 2004 have concluded that among 80 to 90 percent of diabetic people with obesity, Experiencing well-being after the diabetic surgery. The intensity of the disease is less, which means that blood sugar levels remain normal with/without very few medications. Research has also shown that intestinal hormones such as ‘Incretin’ cause type 2 diabetes, and bariatric surgery can affect this hormone and control type 2 diabetes. The American Diabetic Association also acknowledges that bariatric surgery in obese individuals can cure diabetes completely, and they recommend this surgery.

What is special is that, due to the advancement of technology and expert skills, “bariatric surgery” is now also performed through laparoscopy, so that there is no major incision on the body, not more bleeding, recovery is faster and the patient starts the routine early. Methods such as gastric bypass, mini-gastric bypass, and sleeve gastrectomy are prevalent in bariatric surgery. The right choice is made by a surgeon based on the patient’s condition. Bariatric surgery is the process of making positive changes in your digestive system, it reduces a patient’s appetite or ability to absorb nutrients, and in some cases both, resulting in rapid weight loss. Reducing obesity also helps in controlling diabetes and reduce or permanently stop doses of insulin and other medication.

Advanced Center for Bariatric Surgery!

Wockhardt Hospitals Nashik is the only hospital in North Maharashtra where “bariatric surgery” is performed. After scientific training in gastrointestinal surgeries, Dr. Sandeep Sabnis emerged as an expert in the field of bariatric surgery. Patients from Nashik and North Maharashtra have benefited from his expertise. Earlier, patients from Nashik used to reach Mumbai or Pune for this surgery, but now, breaking this equation, Dr. Sandeep Sabnis is treating obese patients in Nashik itself. Wockhardt Hospitals Nashik has assured that this will definitely benefit diabetic patients as well as those who want to reduce obesity.

Dr. Sandeep Sabnis is the only certified Surgical Gastroenterologist in North Maharashtra and a renowned bariatric surgeon. Contact for appointment: 8669998256/8669998260

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