Not out at 64: After spending 35 days in ICU at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central, A retired cricket scorer recovers from COVID-19 - Wockhardt

Not out at 64: After spending 35 days in ICU at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central, A retired cricket scorer recovers from COVID-19

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Thirty five days after a COVID positive man was admitted to hospital, the 64-year-old walked out of the hospital a recovered man. On June 12, the family of Parel resident Ramesh Parab, was running from one hospital to the other as he was gasping for breath. His oxygen saturation level had dropped to 50 per cent, where it should be between 94 to 100 per cent. With no ICU beds available in three hospitals, the family finally managed to get a bed in Bombay Central’s Wockhardt hospitals. Parab was straight away taken to the ICU and put on ventilator. The former BCCI match scorer was diagnosed with Covid-19-related pneumonia with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and sepsis with acute kidney injury and multi-organ failure.

The treating doctors from Wockhardt Hospitals informed the family that with such severe cases involving multi-organ failure, chances of survival is very low. That’s why when he was discharged from the hospital on July 17 almost after 35 days, even the leading doctor, Dr Kedar Toraskar and other members of the medical team burst into applause. Parab broke down when he saw his wife, son and daughter. “For the first 10 days of his hospitalisation, I used to tell his family members that we are trying our level best, but chances are weak,” said Dr Toraskar, pulmonologist and critical care expert at Wockhardt hospitals, who is also a member of the state task force committee.

“Frankly speaking, even I thought at one point that he might not make it, but we never gave up, his creatinine level was high so he was put on dialysis. We also gave him Remdesivir, Tocilizumab, steroids, and antibiotics,” added Dr Toraskar. It was only after 15 days of being put on ventilator support that Parab started showing an improvement. Not many critically ill Covid-19 patients have been as fortunate as Mr Parab. For the first three months of the pandemic, almost 80 to 90 percent patients in such a critical condition had died, according to Dr Toraskar. The worldwide estimated mortality rate is 80% for moderate to severe Covid-19-related ARDS. On July 17, Parab was discharged directly from the ICU, after 35 days. Parab’s 28-year-old daughter Neha who works as a technician in the same hospital said, “I visited him thrice in the ICU, wearing a PPE. It was painful to see his condition. But the staff told me not to lose hope. I am thankful to the entire team of ICU and doctors who saved my Baba’s life,” she said. Even though he has been discharged, it is still a long road ahead to complete recovery. He will soon start physiotherapy.
When Parab reached his home in Vishwas Niwas building in Parel on July 17, his neighbours welcomed him back, calling him a fighter. His family cut a cake to celebrate his return. “I survived today thanks to the doctors and all the support staff in the ICU. I got the motivation to survive from them, especially from young nurses working day and night taking such good care of each and every patient,” said a grateful Parab.

“My family too never gave up on me. My daughter kept motivating me, saying, ‘Baba, you are a warrior. We’ll go home soon’,” added Parab.


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