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Paediatric and Neonatology Services at Wockhardt Hospital

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The Department of Paediatrics and neonatologists at Wockhardt Hospital is a comprehensive clinical department that provides investigative, treatment and emergency services for a whole range of paediatrics and neonatology conditions. It includes all medical, surgical therapeutic and diagnostic and preventive healthcare ensuring an optimal management of your child. Wockhardt is well equipped with all types of neonatal and Paediatric emergencies. Our care continues beyond delivering the bundle of joy.

Wockhardt Hospitals’ Paediatric and neonatology care is one of the best in the city, delivered by a team of experts across paediatric neonatology, Paediatric cardiology, paediatric rheumatology, paediatric gastroenterology, paediatric orthopaedics , adolescent care and developmental Paediatrics.

Our paediatricians provide an integrated treatment approach for children including outpatient and inpatient services. We specialise in managing high risk children successfully. Our PICU is fully equipped to handle serious illnesses and trauma cases and is in accordance with super speciality team of doctors.

Our neonatology department at our unit treats the various conditions that may arise after delivery of a new born such as Birth asphyxia and Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Congenital heart disease and Congenital anomalies (birth defects) Infectious diseases such as pneumonia, Respiratory Distress and Assessment and treatment of Neonatal seizures, jaundice, as well as of extremely premature and low birth weight babies.

Our NICU is equipped with incubators including transport incubators, invasive and non-invasive ventilators, high frequency ventilator, phototherapy units, bili-blankets, multipara monitors, invasive blood pressure monitors, etc.  We, provide Exchange transfusion, CPAP Care Extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) or Extra-corporeal Life Support (ECLS) for severe respiratory failure, and congenital heart disease.

Our unit is headed by highly experienced neonatologists who manage critically new born 24*7 requiring constant monitoring and multidisciplinary management. Our services range from incubatory support, ventilators, phototherapy, surfactant administration, parenteral nutrition   , and exchange transfusion all under one roof.

The back bone of our child care services is compassionate nursing care who is experienced in managing all types of cases. At our units we follow a mother centric approach which provides counselling at every stage, to help understand your child’s needs and underlying conditions. 

For any further advices and treatment please our Paediatric and Neonatology department at Wockhardt Hospital.

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