Patient Lucy Testimonial - Herniated Disc - Wockhardt

Patient Lucy Testimonial – Herniated Disc

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Case : Herniated Disc : “Dr Mazda has not only restored my mobility but has also made it possible to gain my livelihood back by returning to work. A heartfelt and big thank you to Wockhardt Hospital “

My name is Lucy Mhlanga, a 57 year old female from Zimbabwe Bulawayo. I was diagnosed with herniated disc in March of 2017 and my condition progressively grew worse to the extent that I was bed ridden and could hardly sit or walk even with the use of a walker. I was considering retiring on medical grounds as I was constantly on sick leave due to my condition.

I was then put in touch with Dr Mazda Turel a neurosurgeon in Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central in India in August of 2018. Dr Turel after reviewing my case performed a decompression operation using a minimally invasive method for Herniated Disc. My relief from leg and back pain after the op was almost immediate and I could walk and sit once more. Within a week after the op I am back to my normal activities. Surprising thing is there is no pain at all at the point of incision where the op was carried out.

Dr Mazda Turel assisted not only in performing the op but also with the recovery process as well due to the confidence he exuded and encouragement that he gave me. He was especially caring and visited daily post op to assess my condition. Not only Dr Mazda was caring but the entire medical team as well. From the operating theatre to the ward care, they made me feel that I was in safe hands, making the hospital stay less apprehensive and extremely pleasant.

After the surgery I returned once more to my teaching job that I dearly love pain free and feel like a whole new person thanks to the team at Wockhardt Hospital .

Patient Lucy Family member testimonial:

A family member shares a heartwarming account of their experience at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central.

“No words can ever communicate our gratitude to Dr. Mazda and the entire Wockhardt staff, the nurses, from the housekeeping, kitchen staff, the nurses, Dr. Mazda and his team, we say thank you, thank you very much. “

“My sister Lucy was admitted at Wockhardt hospital, Mumbai Central for a laminectomy procedure (Herniated Disc). I had accompanied her and right from the outset I was thoroughly impressed at the efficiency and dedication of the staff at the hospital. On arrival at the hospital her pre-operative tests were swiftly done and by evening she was pronounced fit for surgery the next morning. Dr. Mazda Turel, a neurosurgeon at the hospital, explained the procedure in detail and easily understandable language. Possible complications were also explained before and we were asked to sign the consent. The hospital also provided us with procedural details, including estimated time before going into the OR, approximate length of surgery, and estimated length of time before coming to the ward.

I was anxious waiting for her outside the Operation OR but I was reassured and supported by the nursed and staff members. We were made to feel special and were looked after very well. The hospital was very generous with their meals. I was also given a complimentary health assessment. I did not line up for long and was fast tracked through all processes. My results were out by the end of the day and I was seen the next day. Waiting for your relative at the hospital can be very stressful, so I was pleased that I could complete by work whilst waiting due to the fast internet services at the hospital.

Dr. Mazda Turel is a renowned neurosurgeon at Wockhardt Hospital .He is a very experienced doctor and after meeting him I had full faith and confidence in her surgery. Dr. Mazda had given her the best birthday gift ever after her operation, that she could move her foot. Dr. Mazda was very encouraging and reassuring at all times during his visits. Lucy had many anxieties about her recovery, even if she did not verbalize them and he gave her the confidence that she was doing well. Post operatively the nurses looked after Lucy very well. When Lucy woke up in The ICU and triggered a terrifying asthmatic attack she could not communicate that she could not breathe. The nursing staff held her hand and did not let go till she was comfortable. All the nursing staff was supportive but I would specially like to mention and thank Sister Joseph .She was pleasant and when Lucy could not breathe, she just smiled and kept reassuring her that she would feel better soon. The compassion and support motivated Lucy to get better.

After her surgery the pain subsided and as soon as she started walking, her foot which was numb began to have some sensation and it was exciting to watch her walk after being bed ridden for almost four months. Lucy can now take a shower easily and stand on her left foot. It’s been an awesome experience to watch and be part of this healing. I am grateful to Wockhardt Hospital for transforming Lucy’s life and restoring her livelihood.

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