This Valentine’s Let’s Change the Definition of Love | Wockhardt Hospitals

This Valentine’s Let’s Change the Definition of Love

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Wockhardt Hospitals, Nagpur are blessed to observe such cases of undying and unconditional love among immediate and extended family members on a regular basis.

Nagpur: An elder family member vows to protect the younger one throughout life but an uncle like Mr. Sunil saves his life. Sunil Sagdeo a 56-year-old gentleman showed that love is as unconditional as it could be when he donated one of his kidneys to his nephew in absence of any compatible donor in the immediate family.

It is to be mentioned that this was for the second time a family member was donating a kidney to Mr. Prasad. Prior to this, he received a kidney from his father in March 2008 which gave him a quality life for seven years. However, unfortunately, he had developed a permanent graft dysfunction with kidney failure after seven years when his uncle came forward to save his life. The whole family was determined to save him and his survival with a fully functional life against all odds today is an example of that.

The organization has also been fortunate enough to witness one of the rarest and esteem acts of humanity when an inter-religion swap kidney transplant was performed five years back with both the donors leading a completely normal life. The transplant happened when a Hindu and a Muslim family were unable to find compatible donors and discovered that respective family members are compatible for paired donation. This is when an example of human love was set up beyond all the odds and they came forward to save each other above the religious barrier and set an example. “I feel a huge content in my heart by donating my kidney and saving a life”, said one of the donors.

On this Valentine’s Day, we salute this bond and urge people to come forward for organ donation.

Many inspiring tales of love touch our hearts- Mother-in-law donating to daughter-in-law, siblings to siblings and transplant between- cousins, parents to children, children parents, and even grandparents to grandkids are a regular sight for Wockhardt Hospitals’ transplant legacies.

“My brother is my shadow, if I would not have been able to save him by giving my kidney, I would never be happy. My family is complete with him and besides, donating one kidney of mine has not raised any health issue for me and I am leading a normal healthy life. I have even got the joy of becoming a mother after the donation”, said one of the donors who gave her kidney to his brother.

“We salute the spirit of these people to go beyond the normal to save their family members. This Valentine’s Day we urge people to contribute to this noble cause and register for organ donation. This will not only help their family members but also save many lives”, said Dr. Suryashree Pandey, Sr. Consultant- Nephrology, Wockhardt Hospitals in Nagpur for Kidney transplants. “There are still a huge number of people who lose their lives in absence of an organ donor. Organ donation can help save these valuable lives when there is no other hope for them”, she added.

“When I got to know that my son is suffering from Chronic Kidney disease and would need a transplant, we were shocked and did not know how to react. However, we realized with time and counseling that I was a match to donate my kidney to him”, said another donor. “I feel bad for people who do not find any match in their families and have to wait in transplant lists for years to get a perfect match. Many of them die too. I really hope this awareness spreads and people register themselves for organ donation also”, he added. This year on Valentine’s Day, Wockhardt Hospitals, Nagpur request you to change the definition of love. We urge people to love other human beings also and donate their organs.

To date Wockhardt Hospitals, Nagpur has performed around 45 cadaver transplants and given a new lease of life to those who were not having compatible donors. Centre Head of the hospital, Mr. Abhinandan Dastenavar said “We salute these heroes and their families for saving lives and coming forward for this act in their own grief to help someone else.

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