WORLD SPINE DAY: October 16, 2023 | Wockhardt Hospitals

World Spine Day 16 Oct, 2023: Yoga, Calcium-Rich Foods Ensure A Healthy Spine, Expert Says

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World Spine Day is observed annually on October 16 to educate the world about the importance of spine health and spread awareness about spinal injuries and diseases of the spine. The spine, also known as the backbone or vertebral column, protects the spinal cord of the human body and acts as the central support. The backbone connects different parts of the musculoskeletal system and helps one sit, stand, walk, twist, and bend.

However, if one is not careful, and does not maintain a proper posture, their spine may become damaged. Back injuries and spinal cord conditions may also damage the backbone. 

How to ensure a healthy spine

Yoga, proper exercise, and consumption of calcium-rich foods ensure a healthy and strong spine, according to experts. 

“Foods rich in calcium such as dairy products, soya, oranges, fish, and figs are good,” Dr. Mazda Turel, Neuro and Spine Surgeon, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central, told ABP Live. 

Can exercises damage the vertebral column?

Exercise performed in the correct manner will not damage the spine. “In a healthy spine, no exercises damage the spine as long as they are done correctly and supervised. Yoga done correctly is good for the spine,” Dr. Turel said.

Dr. Turel added that by using the right posture, regular exercise, the correct diet, and sleep, one can ensure a healthy spine. Being mobile is the key to a strong backbone. 

Foods and lifestyle habits that damage the spine

Sitting in a prolonged position in a poor posture is bad for the spine, Dr. Turel said. Smoking is extremely bad and causes osteoporosis, he added. Intake of steroids is bad for the bones, and foods that have refined products are harmful. 

Different diseases of the spine

Degenerative diseases such as spinal stenosis and slipped discs are common. “Tumors and infections can also affect the spine. Several congenital anomalies involve the spine.” Dr. Turel said. 

Through regular exercise and by being mobile, one can prevent spine diseases, Dr. Turel added.

Dr. Mazda Turel
Consultant Neuro and Spine Surgeon
Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central

To book an appointment call: +918291101001


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