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Joint Replacement Way to Mobile Life

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Everyone will have arthritis in their old age and post-menopausal woman may have arthritis at an early age.

For the last 12-13 years, I am doing knee replacements in which I found that out of my total number of cases more than 60-70 % are female patients and usually they get operated on at the age of 60-70 years and males usually get operated in their 70-80s.

Knee Replacement is rewarding surgery for those who really get disabled and should be get done at proper time not too early neither too late to keep you active in old age as it improves your activity and overall health. It gives you painless, mobile, and stable joints.

A surgeon’s proper training and experience are a very important factor in deciding the best outcome of this surgery.
Also truly speaking neither any advanced gadget like robot or navigation will give good result in inexperienced hands and it’s debatable nowadays all those fancy gadgets really required for experienced surgeons as long term outcome depends on a lot of other factors like age of the patient, associated medical conditions, obesity, cementing technique, bone quality, etc.

Unless surgeon knows properly what is knee replacement he can’t use it and one who knows properly may doesn’t require it.
Also, long-term results are yet to be proved.

Usually, the patient is mobilized on the next day and within 3-4 days patient becomes comfortable walking with a walker and using the western toilet. Even stairs climbing can be started on the 5th day.
By 2-3 weeks, the patient starts walking without support.

This surgery gives dramatic results for those who are disabled due to knee pain.

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