Knee Replacement: Golden Solution for Metal Implant Allergies | Wockhardt Hospitals

Knee Replacement: Golden Solution for Metal Implant Allergies

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Metal allergies today, can become a hindrance to cure a chronic inflammatory condition like arthritis in the knee joint. The implants used generally in knee replacement, generally entail placing an implant made of cobalt and chromium. Patients who have been diagnosed with metal allergy cannot undergo the procedure. Dejected, patients feel that a door closes, of ever getting cured of pain throughout their life.

Thanks to medical science today, a novel surgical modality called Golden Knee Replacement surgery can be the best alternative to this dilemma for patients and orthopaedic surgeons. Sterling Wockhardt hospital, at Vashi decided to take this initiative for a patient finally giving her a chance to probably have better quality of life and walk pain free.

Shalini Sawant, a 55 year who was suffering from excruciating knee pain over some years wanted to find a solution. Knowing that she could not have the regular implants as a treatment option being diagnosed with metal allergy, she was in a constant anxiety seeking out options. A patient is generally diagnosed with metal allergy especially to nickel extracts. Nickle is used mainly in jewellery and is also a constituent in metal implants in knee replacement surgeries.

Generally, in patients with metal allergy a skin rash appears where the metal comes in contact and this can lead to further complications like severe pain with inflammation and infections. Having a metal implant made of chromium or cobalt tend to release metal ions in the body and can become an unfortunate disaster for such patients, worsening their condition with complications like infection, pus formation and severe knee pain. The pathophysiology connected to metal allergy, is due to the release of metal ions which leads to oxidation in the human tissue causing this reaction.

Under the guidance of Dr. Shailendra Patil an orthopaedic consultant at Sterling Hospital Wockhardt, Vashi having tremendous expertise in total knee replacement surgery, advised Ms Sawant to go in for this revolutionary procedure “Golden Knee Replacement Surgery”. Dr Patil completely understood the patient’s plight and wanted to bring about a solution.

In this surgery a special knee implant which is coated with titanium nitride is used in the knee implants. These implants have a gold appearance and thus the implied procedural name. The surgery assures that patients will not experience allergic reactions and patient can have a second chance to walk again without the nagging pain and discomfort. Orthopaedic surgeons’ further advocate that Golden knee replacement surgery, make the implant more durable enhancing the longevity and performance in totality. Golden knee replacement technology is truly a boon for those with metal allergy conditions.

Benefits of Golden Knee Replacement:

  • Implant does not cause any allergic reaction with the body and low toxicity.
  • The added titanium coating increases the durability of the implant.
  • The implant lasts longer than a regular knee implant.
  • The surgical outcomes are much better with this knee implant than conventional implants.

Ms Sawant after undergoing the procedure successfully, is now set to lead better quality life and has found new hope. She is grateful to Dr Patil who ensured that life always wins, at Wockhardt Hospital.

Dr. Shailendra Patil – MBBS, D.Ortho, D.N.B. Orthopaedic Joint Replacement & Arthroscopic Surgeon.

Dr. Shailendra Patil is the first surgeon in Mumbai to have performed lateral partial knee replacement. The first surgeon to perform partial medial compartmental knee replacement in Navi Mumbai area. He is trained in conventional & navigated knee replacement with minimal invasive tissue preserving approach. He is well versed with latest techniques like unicompartmental knee replacement & patellofemoral replacement & patient-matched technology. With a fellowship in Sports Medicine (Joint Arthroscopy) & Joint Reconstructive Surgery from Arcus sports clinic forum Germany; Dr. Patil has launched the sports medicine clinic at his centre offering the latest treatment options for sports related injuries.

For further information regarding treatment options for knee replacement surgery and options please visit our centres at Wockhardt Hospital.

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