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Newest Advancement in Joint Surgery – ARTHROSCOPY

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Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure performed on the joints by a special instrument called an Arthroscope and has developed into a new and reliable technique in the field of medicine. There is not much awareness in society about it. In the last few years, radical changes have taken place in the medical field. Earlier, major surgery was required for the disorders, it was a combination of a large incision, excessive bleeding, longer hospital stay, and longer recovery time after surgery. But today, it is not like that. Due to the progress in the medical field, it has become possible to perform surgery without any major incision, as a result, the patient can recover faster and start his daily routine early.

Let us now understand what Arthroscopy is and how it is done using an Arthroscope. Arthroscopy is a surgery performed on Joints with help of a special device known as an Arthroscope, which is only 4 mm wide. This device allows the doctor to see the structure of the joints clearly on a monitor screen and make it possible to operate on the joint without making a large incision.

Knee, shoulder, hip, elbow, wrist, and ankle joints can all be operated with arthroscopy. If the patient has any complaints like cartilage tear, ligament tear, injury to cartilage, knee arthritis, injury to the knee cap, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tear, frequent shoulder dislocation, all ailments can be treated by arthroscopy. Treatment is definitely beneficial.

There is no need to be afraid of surgery at all, be it is a sports injury, arthritis, or an accidental joint injury, due to technological improvement it is effortless to operate on joints without any incision through Arthroscopy. This results in less bleed during the surgery, less pain, and the patient gets discharged from the hospital early, gets recover faster, and can start his daily routine early. Lastly but likely, for the sake of the patients, I would like to say that if they need surgery for joints, the possibility of the surgery through arthroscopy must be well taken into consideration.

Dr. Ajinkya Desale
MS (Ortho), Fellowship in Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy
Consultant – Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgeries
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